Kohler 14kW LPG Generator: Off-Grid Edition BUNDLE

by Kohler
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Looking for a reliable yet powerful generator that's able to accommodate off-grid use? If so, The Cabin Depot™ has created this generator bundle specifically for you! Our CSA Certified Kohler 14kW generator will arrive fully commissioned, preconfigured, and ready to install & operate "right out of the box"!

*In Stock and ready to ship!

This specific bundle also includes the Kohler 2" Concrete Pad and 16" Aluminum Generator Stand

Make sure you compare what our Kohler 14RCA OFF-GRID EDITION Bundle includes vs competitors! 


Fully Commissioned - Preconfigured for propane (LPG) gas operation, tested, and ready to connect & operate with either push button or 2-wire auto start

Powerful - the Kohler Command Pro 23.6HP engine supplies 14,000 watt / 58 Amp (peak motor starting: 33kVA @ 240V max), single phase @ 60Hz clean power which means you'll satisfy electrical loads with plenty left over for charging up your battery bank

CSA Certified - designed and tested to satisfy code compliance for Canadian installations 

Cold Weather Package - includes battery, oil, carburetor, and regulator heater (requires dedicated 120vAC input power, 185w typical draw)

Off-Grid Use Warranty - 18 month or 1000 operating hours (see warranty details)

Quiet - larger generators and the word 'quiet' aren't typically used together, but at 67 decibels at full operation your neighbours should rest easy at night

Remote Management System - equipped with OnCue® Plus, so if you have an internet connection you can monitor your system using your mobile device or computer remotely

Quality & Convenience - RCD2 controller and LCD display with push button start/stop all contained safely inside the lockable corrosion proof aluminum enclosure impact tested to -35C (-30F)

Fuel Consumption - 60 CFH which is roughly 8 lbs per hour @ 50% load

2" Concrete Pad + Aluminum Stand - Specifically designed to use with the Kohler 14RCA, the concrete pad and aluminum stand are predrilled to quickly & safely secure your generator while elevating it off the ground and away from the snow


A note for your installer: This Kohler generator has been preconfigured for off-grid use and Propane (LPG) operation. It has been fully commissioned and test operated by qualified technicians before being disconnected & prepared for shipment. You only need to 1) ensure the generator is installed level in an adequate location respecting clearance requirements, 2) primary tank regulator is sized correctly, and 3) electrical connections made per code requirements. Gas supply connection is standard 1/2" NPT. Once all connections are made & gas pressure/leak tests are passed, simply reconnect the battery and test run the unit. It is the installers responsibility to install this generator to satisfy any regulatory or building code requirement.

A note about warranty: most standby generators will boast lengthily warranties of 5 years or more, but only if they are installed and used as a backup power supply during a power failure. The Kohler 14RCA is no different and has the same 5-year 2000-hour warranty, however this is the only model in this series that is specifically designed for off-grid use including an 18-month 1000-hour warranty when installed and used for off-grid purposes (non-standby). It's important to note that if this generator is not installed per the instruction manual with start-up checklist and maintenance records kept, warranty will be void. Please read the warranty details before ordering. 

A note about the cold weather package: Canadian winters are tough. If you're off-grid you know that starting a generator when it's -25C isn't always easy. This generator comes equipped with the cold weather package, which heats the battery, carb, regulator, and oil to make starting easy. The power requirement is about 185 watt and you need to have your inverter powering this circuit. However, we've tested this generator under similar conditions and if you're starting the generator on a regular basis, you may not need to waste valuable energy on the heaters. We suggest testing for yourself for your specific area. 

A note about installation location: If you allow snow accumulation around the enclosure, the generator may not operate. So you will either need to remove snow from the area around the enclosure after each storm, or ensure it's installed elevated above the ground. This Kohler 14RCA Generator Bundle includes a 2" concrete pad and 16" aluminum stand (both engineered & certified to CSA standards specifically for the 14RCA) to raise your generator off the ground safely and easily. Also, if you are in a region with high winds or frequent blizzard conditions, you may still want to take additional precautions to avoid snow from blowing through the enclosure and accumulating inside. Be sure to check the generator after a winter blizzard before starting. 


Manufacturers Description

Our most popular generators for backup power provide award-winning reliability and performance. When you lose power during an outage or storm, a hard-working 14/20 kW KOHLER® generator keeps your appliances working, the heat or AC running and your security system on. 

  • Reliable.

    Every KOHLER® generator is equipped with a heavy-duty, commercial-grade engine that stands up to extreme weather.

  • Powerful.

    In just 10 seconds, your KOHLER generator automatically restores power to a 5-ton (60,000 BTU) air conditioner, major appliances and electronics.*

  • Premium warranty.

    We've got you covered with 5-year, 2,000-hour protection, and a corrosion-proof enclosure that's built to last. (18-month 1000-hour for non-standby warranty applications)

  • Award winner.

    KOHLER generators have received several awards, including the Most Valuable Product (MVP) Award 2010 by Building Products magazine.


    • PowerBoost™ technology provides power to start large loads such as central air conditioners without dropping power to other appliances
    • Extraordinary peak motor-starting capacity: 14RCA at 33kVA at 240V
    • Premium power quality delivers exceptional digital voltage and frequency regulation along with low levels of harmonic distortion to protect sophisticated electronics
    • Powered by reliable KOHLER Command PRO® engine, designed and tested for tough commercial applications; with hydraulic valve lifters to eliminate need for lengthy break-in periods and expensive valve adjustments; operation speed is 3600 rpm (the standard for air-cooled generators)
    • Compatible with OnCue® Plus and OnCue® Plus Wireless Generator Management Systems, and Programmable Interface Module (PIM)
    • Also compatible with Load Control Module (LCM) or Load Shed kit with single-phase generators only


    • RDC2 controller designed for today's sophisticated electronics manages both the generator set and Model RXT transfer switch functions
    • Quiet, neighborhood-friendly operation with sound levels similar to a typical central air conditioner
    • Stylish corrosion-proof enclosure impact tested to -30°F (-35C)
    • Runs on either natural gas or liquid propane (LPG) with simple switching between natural gas and LPG in the field
    • Streamlined installation, simple terminal block for easy field connections. Kohler also offers concrete mounting pads to lower installation costs and time.
    • Model 14RCA approved for off-grid applications with 18-month/1000-hour off-grid warranty



    Model  14RCA
    Rated kW LP
    Rated kW NG
    Amps LP
    Amps NG
    Peak Motor Starting kVA @240 V
    14 kW
    12 kW
    58 amps
    50 amps
    33 kVa
    Alternator Note All information shown is for 1 Phase 60 Hz generator with the largest alternator option available.
    Enclosure Material
    Sound Output During Weekly Exercise
    725 cm³ (44 cu. in.)
    LP 23.6 HP
    63 dB(A)
    Sound Output During Full-speed Operation 67 dB(A)
    Response Time 10 seconds
    Warranty Premium limited warranty
    Country of Origin
    Automatic Transfer Switch Included
    Remote Monitoring Available
    Off Grid / Utility Backup
    Alternator Type
    cUL,UL 2200,EPA,CSA
    Sold Separately
    Off Grid,Utility Backup
    420 lbs. (191 kg)
    2-Pole, Rotating Field
    Fuel Consumption on NG at 50% load? 124 cfh
    Fuel Consumption on LP at 50% load? 60 cfh
    Controller RDC2 Controller
    Cylinder Arrangement V-2
    Dimensions 1193 mm x 666 mm x 817 mm (47 in. x 26.2 in. x 32.2 in.)
    Engine Manufacturer/Description
    Engine Model
    Engine/Alternator RPM
    Fuel TypeLPG,Natural Gas
    Voltage @ 60 Hz
    Digital Voltage Regulation
    Built in Mounting Pad
    Natural Gas,LPG
    60 Hz
    Single Phasee

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