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Frequently Asked Questions

Performance and Usage

Why choose a Cinderella over other incineration toilets?

When you purchase a Cinderella incineration toilet, you're not compromising safety, quality, or efficiency anywhere. Safety is priority when you choose to incinerate, and Cinderella is a tried and true product that's been developed over decades as they've redefined quality manufacturing. All of their incineration products are tested and built in Norway. Cinderella is a glass slipper compared to the others.

Does the Comfort model’s ventilation system experience condensation in cold climates?

The enclosed ventilation system is designed in such a way that could experience condensation when the outside temperature is significantly lower than the air inside the room. It is crucial to ensure proper venting of the room. Especially in the case where the room is used for bathing, showering etc. Exhaust fan will only conflict with Classic and Propane models as the Comfort is a two-pipe system and will not be affected by exhaust fans. We recommend the Comfort model for colder climate areas.

Can you operate the toilet in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius?

Yes, the toilet has been tested to operate in temperatures as low as –25c (inside temperature). When using the Cinderella Comfort (electric), it is have the Cinderella Comfort Arctic Insulation Kit installed with the toilet for winter usage.

Can the toilet be used once an incineration process has started?

Yes, the incineration process pauses as soon as the lid is opened. It will resume once the lid is closed and the incineration button is pushed.

What is the CindereIIa toilet’s capacity?

Cinderella toilets can handle between 3 to 4 visits per hour. The capacity can be higher if care is taken in the time between uses.

Is the remaining ash suitable for as fertilizer?

Yes, the ashes are great for fertilizing soil.

What should the ash remains look like after proper incineration?

Typically, the majority of ashes that remain are mostly made up of salt and minerals. The remaining ashes are partially solid, light grey color and somewhat crystallized. These ash crystals that stick to the ash pan can be most easily cleaned out of the pan by dissolving using hot water for 15-30 minutes.

What can be incinerated in the toilet?

The toilet can effectively and efficiently incinerate urine, human feces, tampons, sanitation pads and toilet paper.

Do I have to use a liner for every use?

Yes, the liner is specially designed to be used with the Cinderella models and is required for proper operation and to keep the toilet clean.

How many incineration cycles can you normally get from one 20lb standard size BBQ tank (propane tank)?

You will get an average of 75 to 100 incineration cycles on one 20lb (11kg) propane bottle.

What is the recommended size of solar panel and battery package for powering a Cinderella gas toilet?

This varies depending on the usage and location but the recommended minimum solar system size is a 100-watt solar panel and 100 amp/hour battery. We also recommend that you should contact us for your specific solar system needs at

How much power does the Cinderella Comfort (electric) model consume per incineration?

The electric models use between .8 and 2kWh per use. From our experience, we find the electric models use an average of 1kWh per use.


When should you unplug the toilet before you leave the location of the toilet long term?

The toilet may be unplugged when the incineration process has finished but in order to prolong your battery life, it is recommended to wait until the cooldown process of your Cinderella toilet is also completed, and the yellow light has turned off.

Where and how to obtain service?

The Cabin Depot will provide you with installation inquiries, troubleshooting assistance, and maintenance instructions. Should your Cinderella require service or replacement parts, give us a call and we will direct you to the closest authorized service partner. Cinderella service manuals are also available on our website.

Does the Cinderella toilet require any regular or annual maintenance?

Yes, the Cinderella incinerates using very high temperatures rising above 500 Celsius. With that in mind, the Cinderella owner is required to perform both regular and annual maintenance in accordance with the instructions provided in the user manual to ensure proper system health. You can find required manuals on Cinderella product pages.

How often should I service my Cinderella toilet?

The service interval is normally between 4 to 6 years with normal use. This figure varies in accordance with surrounding environment as well as frequency of usage.

Will the toilet indicate that the propane bottle is empty?

The toilet will not indicate specifically that the propane tank is empty. However, the yellow light will flash and the display on the toilet will show “Error Burner System”. You'll also notice that it will fail to incinerate the waste properly.

Support and Shipping

How long will it take for my order to arrive once the order has been submitted?

Shipping times can vary depending on the end destination. On average orders are delivered between 7 and 10 business days.

Does Cinderella have a dealer network?

The network of Cinderella dealers is growing. For a complete list of current dealers or inquiries about becoming a dealer, please visit Off-Grid Distribution’s website here.


Does the Cinderella Incineration Toilet have all the certifications to meet Canadian code and safety standards?

Cinderella Incineration Toilets have received all the certifications to meet both the Canadian and USA standards. For the full list of certifications, please click here

Can more bends/elbows be used in the vent pipe than what is described in the instruction manual?

You may use more than two bends/elbows in the vent pipe as described in the instruction manual. If you use too many bends, this will cause great restriction in the airflow and cause the system to break down.

Can we use inlet air from inside the cabin/cottage?

Only fresh air from outside can be used to supply either directly to the Cinderella Comfort or indirectly via a fresh air intake located as close as possible to the toilet.

Do I need to run water supply lines or drainage?

The Cinderella Incineration Toilet doesn't need a water supply or drainage plumbing for installation. It is a complete solution all on its own. No digging is required.

Can the toilet models available in Canada be installed in a RV home?

The Cinderella Comfort and Freedom models are not certified for use in an RV home, however , the upcoming Cinderella Travel Model (2023 release) is certified and designed for use in a mobile dwelling.

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