Dealer Application

The Cabin Depot™ is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Cabin Energy™ kits, Kedron LED™, Kedron Battery™, and Solar Time Tracker systems. We also offer discounted & wholesale pricing for many of our product categories including appliances, propane heating, and alternative energy products. 

If you're a registered Canadian business, or an installer looking to offer our lines of product to your customers, you can apply for Dealer Account today. 

Please read carefully:

  • Dealer and wholesale account applications must be completed in full, printed, signed, and returned to
  • Forms with missing information will only delay the application process. 
  • Dealer and wholesale accounts will only be granted to registered businesses within Canada. 
  • New accounts will take 1-2 business days on average to set up. 
  • Net 30 credit accounts are not available for new accounts. Pre-authorized credit card forms are available once the account is active. 

Download Credit App: (PRINTABLE PDF)