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Mike Roy's Tiny Home Project

Mike Roy Carpentry

Mike Roy started his Tiny Home build 3 years ago as a side project, but when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and regular work slowed down, he decided to kick his Tiny Home build up a notch. He has not only delivered, but now wants to start creating Tiny Homes or unique living spaces as a business moving forward.

As our society becomes more self sufficient and eco-aware, Mike sees this not only as a great opportunity to grow the Tiny Home community, but also to move forward the Tiny Home rules and regulations in Atlantic Canada.

He's not sure when exactly the final project will be complete. He does know one thing though, he loves his creation and so do we! We knew we had to share his story and showcase his work when heard about it. When you think Tiny Home, you don't think luxury, but this Tiny Home truly is luxury in a small space!

The ultimate goal for his this Tiny Home is to be completely off-grid. He came to us with product needs and we were able to help! From Unique off-grid appliances, to a Martin Direct Vent propane heater, to an Eccotemp on demand hot water heater, to high quality Kedron Elite™ batteries & GMA solar panels - we had the products he needed to achieve his off-grid living goals.

Once it is complete, we will make a post and a video tour of the entire thing inside and out!

If you want to follow Mike's progress and see more photos of this Tiny Home, check out his Facebook page here!

Until then, here is a list of the products he is using in his Tiny Home:

UNIQUE Classic 24" Propane Range

Martin Propane Direct Vent Heater MDV12VP (11000 Btu)

UNIQUE 9.0 CU/FT 12/24V DC Solar Fridge with Freezer

Cinderella Gas Incineration Toilet

270 Watt Poly GMA Solar Panel

Kedron Elite™ 6v 250Ah Flooded Deep Cycle GC2H

Outback Power FlexMax FM60 Charge Controller

Samlex EVO-2224 Pure Sine 2200w Inverter/ Charger 24v

Eccotemp 20HI LPG Indoor Tankless Water Heater - Horizontal Bundle (CSA)

KEDRON LED 20 watt 24 inch 120vAC cool white

Trusty 12v DC Ceiling Fans