12v Moose Stand Kit


This Cabin Energy™ pre-wired 12v Moose Stand kit is easy to install & designed for occasional use to provide limited 12v power. Run a small 12v light on those early mornings & dark rainy days, or use it to charge your smartphone, game camera, or other smaller devices.

This kit includes:

  • 30 Watt Solar Panel with waterproof MC4 connections
  • Set of z-mount solar brackets
  • Solar to Controller wire 20' pair with waterproof MC4 connections
  • 10 Amp PWM charge controller with USB charge port
  • Controller to Battery wire pair 5' with fuse

This kit comes pre-wired to the controller for your convenience: after you mount your solar panel, just click together the solar panel wires and connect to your battery - that's it! The wires are clearly marked (+) and (-) for connection to the battery of your choice. 

Examples of what this kit will power:

  • 12v LED light(s)
  • 12v Smartphone charging
  • 12v Game Camera charging
  • 12v Devices that use a USB cord to charge

Recommended battery: Deep Cycle, 80Ah to 100Ah max such as the Kedron 12v 100Ah Flooded Deep Cycle

Note: Batteries can be very expensive to ship, so usually these are sourced locally. However, if you'd like us to quote your system including a battery, just let us know!

Upgrade options:

  • 100 watt panel: for extended periods of use, or if you have limited sunlight available at your location).
  • Samlex 250 watt power inverter SAM-250-12: This inverter comes with cables & alligator clips to connect you battery, converting 12vDC to 120vAC power to run smaller AC loads such as a radio & 2-way radio rechargers.

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