8 Bay Multi-directional HDTV Antenna UHF/VHF

by Focus

The Focus Antennas BEST-8HD-180D is a 360-Degree Adjustable 8-Bay Multi-Directional HDTV VHF Hi/UHF Antenna with 80+ mile UHF range and 35 mile VHF High range. Strong performance across (channels 7-69) and optimized for UHF channels 14 to 69. The specially designed brackets allow the antenna panels to turn in a 180 degree loop to target broadcast towers in any direction.Tech specs

  • No. of Elements: 8
  • Frequency Range : 470-862MHz
  • Channels: Ch. 21-69
  • Antenna Gain: 20-36dB
  • Beam Width H/V: H 60/ V32
  • Front-back Ratio: 22 dB
  • Impedance: 75Ohm
  • Antenna Length: 840mm

Please note there are no returns on this product. 

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