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Summer savings…Save an additional 5% off any J.A Roby product
Summer savings…Save an additional 5% off any J.A Roby product

Biolan Grey Water Filter System-Thermal Large 125

by Biolan
Original price $3,499.00 CAD - Original price $3,499.00 CAD
Original price
$3,499.00 CAD
$3,499.00 CAD - $3,499.00 CAD
Current price $3,499.00 CAD

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Product Details:

  • insulated filter for treating grey water from sinks, showers, and laundry.
  • capacity 600 litres/day/module
  • for summer or winter use and an installation indoors
  • to be installed above ground
  • expandable to suit applications with a pressure water supply
  • domestic, ecological natural filter material


The operation of the Biolan Greywater Filter 125 Large is based on the mechanical and biological filtration of grey water. The organic filter material used in the filter, attracts the phosphates and impurities in the wastewater. The micro-organisms living on the surface of the filter material use the impurities in the water as their nutrition.

The module has ten filter boxes layered one on top of the other. The wastewater enters into the uppermost filter box. Inside the module, the wastewater flows by gravity from one filter layer to the other through the openings in the end each box.  Finally the clean water exists the module and out to a gravel leach bed.

Human waste, storm water or drainage water from foundations must not be fed into the filter. The cleaning capacity of the filter material in the module is good for about 3-6 months depending on volume, after which it needs to be replaced in accordance with the maintenance instructions.  The Biolan grey water filter tolerates a small amount of anti-bacterial and chlorine-based agents that are commonly used for cleaning.  However, toxic chemicals or substances that contain chemicals that can kill the micro-organisms that clean the wastewater, such as drain openers, paints, oils or solvents, must not be fed into the purifier.

Biolan Greywater Filter 125 is an insulated filter module for grey water. The filter is made of frost-resistant materials and is thermally insulated  and can be used with electric cable heaters. The unit operates reliably and lasts a long time.  The filter can be used with a pump, to pump the grey water up to the filter inlet if the grey water is coming from a lower point underneath the building or a basement.

A properly dimensioned, installed and operated Biolan Greywater Filter 125 wastewater system meets the limit values for total phosphorus, total nitrogen and organic material in grey wastewater in accordance with the Ontario building code and the Environmental Protection law (527/2014) and the Decree (157/2017).

Maintenance of the Greywater Filter light

Check the operation of the filter at least twice each operating season. A well-functioning purifier is nearly odourless, the filter material is moist and the water exiting it is clear and odourless and does not contain any significant amount of solid matter.

Check that

  • wastewater is flowing smoothly from all the openings in the box
  • the filter material is a distance of about 5 cm from the openings in the discharge end of the filter tray
  • the purified wastewater is flowing freely out of the filter

Changing the filter material

Normally, the filter material in the purifier must be replaced every 3-6 months of operation. Only filter material specifically intended for Biolan filters is allowed. Biolan does not guarantee the purification capacity of the unit if any other filter material is used.  2 bags of filter material a required to fill the 10 filter boxes.

  1. Change the filter material in all of the filter trays at the same time.
  2. Open the cover of the purifier and lift the filter material trays out of the unit by means of the lifting handle.
  3. Empty the filter material into the compost or use it as cover soil for ornamental plants.
  4. Refill the trays with new filter material. One bag is enough filter material for 5 filter trays.  Rip the filter material loose and spread it evenly across the trays by tapping it gently.  The amount of filter material in the tray is sufficient when its surface lies about 2 cm below the edge of the box. Finally, draw the filter material about 5 cm from the V-openings.
  5. Check the inlet and outlet connectors for wastewater and clean them.
  6. Place the trays filled with new filter material back into the filter unit. The filter material trays are identical, but observe their direction – in the lowermost box water flows towards the outlet connector, in the next box it flows towards the inlet connector etc.
  7. Make sure the unit is in a level position both lengthwise and laterally so that wastewater flows smoothly from one tray to the other.
  8. Close the cover of the filter carefully.
  9. Write down the service measures taken.

The filter material trays are left inside the filter over winter. Freezing of the filter material does not damage the unit. If the filter material is still frozen when the operation starts in spring, thaw it by pouring warm, clear water through the filter.  A heating cable can also be used during the winter to ensure the filter doesn’t freeze.


  • dimensions of the module (width x height x depth): 60 x 123 x 100 cm
  • pipe connectors: for Ø 75 mm sewer pipes
  • height difference of inlet and outlet connectors: 104 cm (height of fall)
  • Canadian Spec capacity: 800 litres/day/module
  • weight without the filter material: 75 kg
  • the distance, travelled by water in the filter material: 650 cm/module


Please Note: We list several grey water treatments systems on our website and are available to customers throughout North America. These systems are meant to provide the treatment of greywater and this process significantly improves the quality of the water at the outlet. The Cabin Depot is a retail business exclusively and cannot provide installation specific advice. Information relating to the product specifications, use, or approvals should be directed to the manufacturer to answer. Due to the wide variety of installation locations, options, environmental requirements, and code requirements it’s up to the customer to seek final installation approvals from their municipality to ensure compliance prior to ordering.


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          We are full time RVer's and have been on the road since 2017, this upgrade was long overdue, since we left our sticks and bricks one of the most missed items was our ceiling fan, on warm nights while boondocking the movement of air makes the difference of enjoying the night or being uncomfortable. We had a 12 volt box fan, and while it moved lots of air it also created lots of noise, we are still working our way through the new fan but the remote is a gamechanger, and while there is some motor noise it is not enough to be annoying.
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          The only negative so far was the inline glass fuse that made it difficult to install the motor cover as it has to be maneuvered over the motor housing while the motor was secured to the ceiling.