Camplux CA528 5.28 GPM (CSA) Indoor Tankless Propane Heater + 3" Horizontal Vent Bundle

by Camplux

Enjoying Comfortable Constant Hot Shower with Camplux 5.28 GPM Tankless Water Heater (CSA)

The 5.28 GPM Camplux residential tankless water heater supplys on-demand comfortable constant hot water for residential whole home use. It is powered by 120 VAC voltage, has an imported PCB, precise temperature control, double adjustment of water and air, and rising of the third gear making it perfect for constance hot shower at home! The ideal operating range for the 5.28 GPM Camplux residential tankless water heater is 7.0-150 PSI. CSA certified Camplux tankless water heater focus on phosphorus deoxidized copper heat exchanger with high temperature and corrosion resistance technology and advanced multiple protection systems to ensure your safety.


  • The Camplux CA528 produces comfortable instant endless hot water for residential whole families use!
  • Features PCB frequency conversion intelligent control, temperature intelligent adjustment ensures comfortable constant hot water.
  • Features CO multiple protection ensures safety, equipped with PCB start up self-test &real-time intelligent monitoring, timely warning of potential gas fire and hydro power to ensure your family's safety.
  • Automatically activates on water pressure between 7.0-150 PSI, maximum power output 150,000Btu/Hr. Hot water output 5.28 gallons per minute, perfect for a hot shower for whole home!
  • The Camplux tankless gas water heaters are not recommened to use for elavation above 2000 feet / 600 meters.

Camplux 5.28 GPM Residential Tankless Water Heater

  • Powered by 120 VAC voltage, features imported PCB with precise temperature control.
  • Safe electronic ignition system,anti-freezing protection(manual drainaged needed),flame failure device and dry combustion protection.
  • Automatically activates on water pressure between 7.0-150 PSI.
  • CSA certified balanced combustion design required air combustion.
  • 3" Horizontal Vent kit included.
  • PCB frequency conversion intelligent control ensures smart& energy saving.


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