Coca Cola Cube with Coke Bottle Cooler

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Eye-catching design and compact cooling

The Coca Cola Cube Heritage Electric Cooler can be used at home or while on-the go. It comes with 12 volt and 110 volt plugs. You can plug it into any vehicle 12 volt plug or household outlet. Use it at work, in your dorm room, or cool drinks at the trailer, on your boat or in your truck. This cube shaped cooler can accommodate drinks in bottles or cans.

Classic Heritage Design

This cooler was designed to help celebrate the100 year history of the iconic CocaCola bottle. It features the signature Coca Cola red colour, and a classic Coke bottle in chrome on the door. This compact desktop cooler is a must-have for Coca-Cola fans and collectors.

Cooler and warmer in one

This mini Coke fridge uses solid state thermoelectric cooling technology and does not require any ice to cool beverages and food. When plugged in, this cooler can chill its contents up to 32F (20C) below the surrounding temperature. 
Switch to heat mode to warm the contents of this cooler to 149F(60C).
For best results, place pre-chilled items into your Coca Cola beverage cooler or fridge. Place this portable cooler indoors in a temperature controlled environment. Keep away from heat sources or direct sunlight. 


  • Compact Beverage Cooler – this compact electric cooler is the ideal size for use in your home, dorm room, or office
  • 12 volt DC and 110 volt AC plugs included – plug this Coke cooler into any vehicle 12 volt plug for cooling power on-the go, or use the 110 V plug to use with any household outlet
  • Official Coca Cola design – this design features the Classic Coke red and a heritage edition chrome bottle design to celebrate the rich 100 year history of the classic Coca cola bottle
  • Thermoelectric cooling - this mini cooler does not require any ice and uses reliable and efficient thermoelectric technology to keep your drinks and snacks at a cool, refreshing temperature
  • Holds up to 12 cans – keep your favourite refreshments close by at home, at work, or while on your boat or in your truck or trailer
  • Cooler or warmer in one – this cooler can chill to approximately 36 F (20 C) below the surrounding temperature or switch to HEAT mode to warm the contents to 149F (65C)


Brand Coca-Cola
Unit Dimensions L 11.5” x D 12” x H 13.25”
Unit Weight 7.10 lbs
Package Dimensions L 13.5” x D 12.6” x H 14.5”
Package Weight 7.88 lbs
Power 12 volt DC power plug included/110 volt AC
Wattage 60 Watts
Amperage 4.5 Amps
Capacity Holds up to 12 cans or 6 bottles
Ratings ETL, UL, California Prop 65 Compliant
Warranty 90 day manufacturer’s warranty
UPC 059586600579
Model Number CCU09
Color Red
Material Plastic
Temperature Range Cools up to 36F (20C) below surrounding temperature, Heats up to 140°F (60°C)
Additional Materials Manual
Interior Dimensions L 8.15" x D 6" x H 10"

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