Drolet Bora - Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace

by Drolet

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Modern and elegant, the Bora outdoor fireplace invites itself in your backyard or on your terrace to create a pleasant and chic atmosphere. Designed and manufactured in Quebec, it has a two-sided opening located at the optimum viewing height of the flames. There’s nothing like the Bora to enhance your outdoor living space and create a unique environment that will impress your guests!

  • 100% made of 304 stainless steel, superior food-grade (structure and 3/16’’ bottom)
  • Very high temperature black powder paint (1400° F)
  • Excellent corrosion resistance for unmatched durability
  • Very simple assembly (hardware and key included)
  • 24 "logs (tipi fire)
  • Design that promotes draft ("chimney effect") and limits annoying smoke
  • Patio heater that optimizes even heat all over the body
  • Weight : 105 lbs


Drolet Bora - Dimension Sheet 

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