Drolet Fox Wood Stove

by Drolet
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Among the most compact on the market, the Fox wood stove can heat up to 1,200 ft². With a maximum heat output of 45,000 BTU/h. Non-catalytic and EPA certified at an emission rate of 1.8 g/h, this model can efficiently heat small spaces. Its cast iron door, superimposed with steel sheets, is decorated with a fox. The bottom of its combustion chamber is deeper than other models in its category and allows a greater accumulation of ashes, and thus to be able to empty them much less frequently. Packaged in a rigid cardboard box for ease of transport, this appliance requires simple assembly.

Included: steel legs, air deflector, ceramic glass, cast iron door with adjustable hinges, ash lip, air damper

  • - Up to 5 hours burn time
  • - Up to 17" logs
  • - 1.55 ft³ firebox
  • - EPA certified
  • - Proudly made in Canada
  • - Limited lifetime warranty
  • - Certified for mobile home and alcove installation
  • - Weight : 230 lbs
  • Optimum efficiency : 80 %
  • Average particulate emissions rate : 1.8 g/h
  • Recommended heating area-ft² : 250 - 1,200
  • Approved for a mobile home installation
  • Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution
  • High-efficiency certified appliance : Yes, EPA 2020 approved
  • Steel thickness – top : 1/4"

* Fresh air intake kit includes: An assembled fresh air inlet case, two clamping collars, a white outer wall ending, metallic black paint, a black pre-glued cord, a flat rod, a round rod and screws.  The amount of screws may vary depending on the set.


Safety notifications & general information

Fox install & owner's manual

Fox stove dimensions

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