Global Electric 42-inch Non-Brush DC12V Ceiling Fan, Brushed Nickel, Light Cherry / Cherry Reversible Blades



  • * Brushless motor-three phase by directly PWM drive controlled either by control Voltage or PMW variable duty pulse input.
  • *  The newest technology to avoid  TV Channel Interference
  • *  Pre-drive IC (pre-programed computer software to set up 6 Speeds' RPM).
  • *  17 Degree Blade Pitch
  • * Very Energy Efficiency, Electricity Usage is 1Amp (=12W), Motor will never overheat to damage Switch and 30% less electricity usage than Brush DC12V motor
  • *  The Products is under CSA’ CUS Certificate # 244962 issued to Global Electric Products, Inc

Non-Brush Motor Characteristics:

Three phase motor with high reliability DC brushless enclosure. Motor has a permanent magnetic rotor along with a static magnetic rotor position detection using 3Halll with a starting position to meet the requirements of low voltage starters and IC drivers with locking protection. Additional functions include a thermal overload and overheat protection, supportive positive and reversible speeds with a soft start circuitry to avoid peak currents when starting via the drive circuit battery upon impact. Motor load is optimized with a design to run at high efficiency with no more than 12W of power.

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