Kedron 12v LiFePO4 100AH - Case Damage

by Kedron
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Kedron 12v LiFePO4 100AH

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Please Read Carefully: This KEDRON 12V LIFEPO4 100AH BATTERY was damaged during shipment to a customer during August, 2021 and returned. Please see attached pictures showing the affected area in detail.

The case was struck hard and broken around the positive (+) terminal, and has since been repaired and tested. The internal BMS and LiFePO4 battery cells inside as well as connections were undamaged and is operationally in perfect condition. This battery has been tested and guaranteed to operate as advertised when received. We caution customers purchasing however not to over-tighten the (+) terminal. 

All clearance sale items are final and returns are not accepted. This battery will be discharged to 30% SOC which is required when shipping via ground courier, and will need to be fully charged upon arrival before use.

You can view the original listing here: Kedron 12v LiFePO4 100AH


Welcome to the newest addition to the Kedron Battery™ family: Kedron LiFePO4

With exceptional cycle life, our new Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries weigh about 50% less vs equivalent lead-acid battery models, and more importantly, can handle prolonged storage below 50% SOC and deep cycling without damage: No sulfation. No stratification. Less worries. 


  • Higher usable capacity & true LiFePO4 performance
  • 12 Volt - 100Ah / 1280Wh capacity
  • Weight: 24lbs (11kg)
  • Dimensions WxDxH: 13" x 6-5/8" x 9" (330mm x 168mm x 229mm) including terminal
  • 60 Month Limited Warranty (36mo LiFePO4 cells + additional 24mo for BMS)


  • Integrated battery management system (BMS) for safe charging & discharging
  • UN3480 compliant, UN38.3 cell certification, and CE system certification
  • Expected cycle life ~2500 @ 100% DOD / ~6000 @ 50% DOD


  • Fast charge & discharge performance
  • Recommended charge voltage / current = 14.6V / 20A
  • Maximum charge / discharge current = 100A
  • Charge temperature range: 32F to 113F (0C to +45C)
  • Discharge temperature range: -4F to 140F (-20C to +60C)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Parallel Support = 4 Units max (4 x 12v parallel = 400Ah @ 12v)
  • Series Support = 4 Units max (4 x 12v series = 100Ah @ 48v)

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