Koolatron AC/DC Heat Pipe Mini Fridge

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Improved cooling performance and new, efficient design

This compact semi-truck fridge/cooler works on 12 V AC or 110 AC power and uses just six amps of current when operating on your vehicle’s 12 volt power. The flush-back design makes it an easy fit in small spaces and the new design provides more interior storage space. The Koolatron 1.76 cubic foot Super Kool AC/DC Heat Pipe Truck Fridge use thermoelectric heat pipe technology to cool the contents of the fridge up to 45 F or 25 C below surrounding temperature.  For best results keep this cooler out of direct sunlight and keep in a temperature controlled area to ensure optimal cooling performance.

A must-have for long haul truckers

The Koolatron Ac/DC Super Kool Fridge/Cooler is designed for 15” wide cabinet openings. It is designed with semi-trucks in mind and fits most Kenworth, Peterbilt 63” Sleeper, Freightliner Century, Columbia, Coronado, and Mack Series Trucks that came with factory fridges
This fridge will not work with International Trucks 2002 or newer.

How does thermoelectric cooling and heat pipe technology work?

The solid state thermoelectric module acts as a heat pump to remove heat away from the fridge. The heat from the thermoelectric module is absorbed by the heat pipe, vaporizing the liquid refrigerant and rapidly moving heat away from the source, allowing for faster temperature drop. This technology has been widely used by the military, aerospace and computer industries primarily for rapid heat transfer


  • Operates on 12 V DC or 110 V AC – both power cords included so you can use at home or in your truck, boat or RV
  • Uses only 6 amp current at 12 V– energy efficient design
  • New faster cooling system with more efficient heat release – new enhanced cooling system for faster temperature drop and more efficient temperature management
  • New interior design for more efficient use of space with 50L capacity – new interior design means more space to pack food and drinks
  • Great for use in a truck, RV, pop up trailer or a boat – ideal mini fridge/cooler for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road
  • Designed for 15” wide cabinet openings – ideal semi-truck fridge or use in campers or fifth wheels
  • Semi truck fridge – fits most Kenworth, Peterbilt 63” Sleeper, Freightliner Century, Columbia, Coronado, and Mack Series Trucks that came with factory fridges
  • Heat pipe technology with thermoelectric cooling system – state of the art cooling technology requires no compressor
  • Whisper quiet operation – energy efficient design
  • Cools by 45 F or 25 C below surrounding temperature – ideal for keep drinks and snacks cold while on the road or on the water in your boat
  • Equipped with auto defrost LED interior light, adjustable temperature control, and removable shelf – set your desired cooling level and customize the interior space to suit your needs


Brand Koolatron
Unit Dimensions L 15" x D 21.25" x H 21.25"
Unit Weight 22 lbs
Package Dimensions L 21.93" x D 16.3" x H 21.93"
Package Weight 26 lbs
Cooling Technology Heat Pipe Thermoelectric
Power 110V or 12V
Wattage 90 Watts
Amperage 1.1 Amps
Capacity 1.76 cu. ft. (50L)
Warranty 90 days
UPC 059586611292
Model Number KCR45TE
Color Silver
Defrost System Frost free
Door Type Magnetic seal
Door Storage 1 bottle, 4 cans
Handle Recessed
Shelving 2 removable shelves
Additional Materials Manual

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