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Portable Design, Iceless Cooler

The Koolatron P85 Krusader Cooler is our largest 12 volt cooler available and is ideal for packing meals for the campsite and plenty of drinks to share with your friends. It boasts a 52 quart capacity (49L), which can fit up to 80 cans!

Great Coolers that Cool your Drinks and Warm your Food

The Koolatron P85 Krusader Cooler uses thermoelectric cooling, which means you don’t need any ice. Koolatron coolers use thermoelectric technology to cool contents to 40F below the surrounding temperature. You can also use your Koolatron Cooler to warm food up to 149 degrees F (60 Celcius). The warming mode is for transporting food to a potluck dinner or for warming infant food and bottles while on the road.

12 volt Plug-in Travel Cooler

This electric cooler is powered through any 12 car plug. Just plug your electric travel cooler into the 12 volt outlet in your car, SUV, truck, boat or RV to keep your favorite foods and drinks cold. Or with the AC adapter (sold separately) you can use your cooler indoors, when you need to cool drinks or food.

Best Cooler for Travelling, Boating, Road Trips and on the go

Designed to be convenient and portable, this electric travel cooler can be used in different positions – upright like a fridge or as a chest cooler. This cooler includes a removable shelf to help separate your food or drinks. The Koolatron P85 Portable Krusader Cooler is great for road trips, family picnics, camping trips, your RV, and boating on the lake.

Handy Tips and Tricks

To get the best results from your cooler, it is best to pre-cool items before placing them in the cooler and heading out on your next trip. It can take a number of hours to cool down warm items in our thermoelectric coolers. Please also ensure the fan is not blocked so that the air can circulate correctly. Putting it into warming mode requires a flip of the power cord connecter to the RED or the warm mode position. These coolers are not made to cook food. Place items that are already warm or hot inside.

12v electric cooler power

Koolatron’s travel cooler draws less power than your car’s parking light. You can plug it directly into any 12 V power outlet. This electric cooler's solid state thermoelectric cooling will cool its contents to about 40F or 4 degrees Celsius. Take for example, at a temperature of 80F the contents within the cooler will stay at 40 degrees. This means you can keep your drinks cold and also food warm while on the road. Keep your leftovers for longer, and save money while you travel.

Space Technology Delivers Reliable Iceless Cooling

Scientists sending people into space had to find something more reliable and more compact than traditional refrigeration coils and compressors. Research led to the creation of the thermoelectric unit. This same cooling technology is used in your portable iceless Koolatron cooler.

Travel coolers built for durability

The Koolatron P85 52 quart electric travel cooler has amazingly only one moving part, the fan motor! This means there are far less parts to replace if it ever broke down. As the thermoelectric product is a solid state heat pump, it’s not affected by travelling, tilting, or vibrations, which can often cause other refrigerators and coolers to fail. The 12v cooling product is about the same size as a matchbook and creates the cooling power of a 10 pound block of ice


  • Large 49 liter capacity (52 quart) - Our largest 12 volt electric travel cooler. Fits up to 80 cans so you can stay refreshed and share with all your friends.
  • Keep your drinks cool and your food warm – Simply reverse the power cord to turn your cooler into a warmer
  • No mess and easy to carry - Without the need for ice, this cooler is convenient for travel. Ideal for your car, SUV, RV, boat or truck
  • Portable fridge with thermoelectric technology - Cools down to 40F below the surrounding temperature or warming mode heats to 149F or 60C
  • Plug in to any 12v vehicle outlet – Portable travel cool box for road trips, picnics, tailgating, sports events, and camping
  • Portable designed cooler - Use in 2 positions, upright or chest to get the most out of your electric cooler
  • Durable design – Cooling or heating is not affected by travelling. Ideal for truckers, campers and anyone heading on a long road trip
  • Made in North America – Koolatron is a global leader in thermoelectric technology and has proudly manufactured 12 volt coolers in North America for over 30 years


Brand Koolatron
Interior Dimensions L 17.75" x D 12" x H 16.5"
Unit Dimensions L 20.75" x D 15.75" x H 19.75"
Unit Weight 14.98 lbs.
Package Dimensions L 21.25" x D 16.25" x H 20.75
Package Weight 17.6 lbs.
Power 12 volt DC power plug included/110 volt AC (adapter sold separately)
Wattage 48 Watts
Amperage 4 Amps
Capacity 52 qt, 49L, holds up to 80 cans
Warranty 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
UPC 059586508509
Color Light Gray
Material Hard-sided plastic with foam insulation
Temperature Range Cools up to 40F (22C) below surrounding temperature, Warms up to 149F (60C)
Additional Materials Manual

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