Nature's Head Composting Toilet with Handle


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Please read carefully before ordering: 

The Nature's Head toilet is in very high demand throughout North America. We have a close relationship with the manufacturer and you can rest assured they are manufacturing as fast as possible but production has been restricted due to COVID-19 challenges.

Canadian customers who have been preordering from us are put into the system and will have their orders shipped in the same order as received (they are holding their place in line so to speak).

Today is Wednesday, October 21st and the expected ship date for any orders received as of today is the week of November 30th. This may be +/- depending on supply, but when ordering from The Cabin Depot™ you can rest assured that the turnaround time for your Nature's Head order will be the fastest in the country as of today. 

You probably found us because you've been searching for the Nature's Head and haven't had any luck. We realize that 2020 has been crappy enough with COVID-19 and delays on many items we rely on. So we appreciate your business and supporting a 100% owned and operated Canadian company. With that said...

Our commitment is to provide timely information on your order status. If you are planning to order a Nature's Head toilet today from The Cabin Depot™, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order within a few minutes. And once your order ships, you will receive another e-mail confirmation including a tracking number. 

If you don't receive a shipping confirmation e-mail before the expected ship date listed above, please email or call us at 1-844-603-4743 and someone will be happy to give you the latest update on your order. 

Not sure which model is right for you? Download our off-grid TOILET COMPARISON CHART

Nature's Head Composting Toilet with Spider Handle

The Nature's Head comes with a 12V plug. If you will be using your Nature's Head with 110V power, you will need to add the 12V transformer/adaptor to your order. Mounting brackets, fuse, fuse holder, agitator, handle, inside vent flange, and 5 feet of venting hose with attached ends are all included with the toilet.

Electric Power Usage: The fan pulls 1.7 amps in 24 hours. Our study for Alaska showed that the cost for this would be approximately 4 cents per month.

Total Height: 21.5 inches

Total Overall Width: 19 inches

Gross Empty Weight: 28 lbs.

Whats in the box?

  • Toilet - white granite color
  • Liquids bottle with cap
  • Inside vent flange
  • Handle
  • Allen wrench to install spider handle
  • 2 mounting brackets with knobs and screws
  • 18" single pin cable for 12 volt fan hookup (fan is mounted onto toilet at time of assembly)
  • Fuse and fuse holder for the 12 volt application
  • 5 feet of 1 ½” hose
  • Installation and User Guide
  • Warranty Card



Installation Manual & User's Guide

Instructions for Guests

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