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FREE SHIPPING on Unique appliances to your local warehouse terminal. Click here for more info.
FREE SHIPPING on Unique appliances to your local warehouse terminal. Click here for more info.

Nature's Head Shell Vent

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A Shell Vent Assembly for through-the-wall installation in structures such as cabins, homes, tiny houses, workshops, barns, RVs, vans, & many more. This vent has a slick profile to keep your structures looking good! It is made from a paint-able plastic that will hold up in all kinds of weather conditions. 

The vent contains one of our nylon mesh filters inside of it and can easily be unscrewed to install the vent & clean the filter.

To learn how to best install the shell vent or other vents for your situation, please see Below.

Installing Nature's Head Shell Vent

Installation & Use

When installing the shell vent, make sure to have the open end facing downward preferably at a 45 degree angle inward toward the ground. This will keep airflow directed downward and not be overcome by the outside environment. In general, installation uses a 1-1/4” PVC pipe to fit through a wall and allow our hose adapters to fit snug for good ventilation. Specific structure recommendations are below.

Thin Walled Structure (RVs, Vans, etc.)

Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell VentNature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent

A thin walled structure may not have any way for a PVC pipe to hold through the wall so we recommended using our white hose flange that comes with the toilet in the small parts bag.

Cut a 1-5/8” hole through the wall where you’d like to mount the vent using a hole-saw. Take the cover off of the vent via the two screws inside and place that back plate against the outside of your structure, centered around the cut hole.

If possible, hold the white hose flange on the inside of the structure and centered around the cut hole. Mark the four mounting holes through the back plate and drill these holes into your structure and through the white hose flange for perfect alignment.

Drill the mounting holes large enough for four small bolts to fit through. We recommend using nuts and bolts to tighten the shell vent and white hose flange to have the best mounting experience. We do not recommend using the four longer screws the vent comes with when mounting the vent through thin walled structures. You may have to drill the mount holes on the shell vent back plate to the appropriate size. Put the bolts through the white hose flange, structure wall, and shell vent back plate and nut the back side of the bolts. For the best look, have the bolts come from the inside of your structure to the outside.

Place the cover of the shell vent back onto the back plate and re-screw the two small screws into the interior tabs. You are now installed and ready to put your hose on the white hose flange. We have pictures above that show a thin white plastic that represents a thin walled structure and how to mount the shell vent.

Thick Walled Structures (Homes, Tiny Houses, Workshops, etc.)

Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent Nature's Head Shell Vent

A thicker walled structure like tiny houses have insulation, wood walls, and siding that would require a space extender through the wall to attach the vent and the hose. We use a 1-1/4” PVC to make this extension.

Use a 1-5/8” hole-saw to cut a hole where you want to vent. This is the size of the outside diameter of a 1-1/4” PVC. Take the cover off of the vent via the two screws inside and place the back plate against the outside of your structure, centered around the cut hole. Use the four longer screws that come with the vent to mount the vent to the outside of the structure.

Cut a length of 1-1/4” PVC that would fit through the wall and poke out a couple inches to allow the hose to fit onto it. Push the PVC through your wall and into the recessed hole on the shell vent back plate.

Place the cover of the shell vent back onto the back plate and re-screw the two small screws into the interior tabs. You are now installed and ready to put your hose on the PVC extension. We have pictures above that show a thick walled structure with siding and how to mount the shell vent.


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