Poke N' Stoke - The Electronic Bellows and Fire Starter/Restarter

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The Poke N' Stoke is an easy to use, electronic bellows that not only stokes the fire, but also allows you to move the fuel to a more favorable position. It does away with the old hand-powered bellows or blowing on the fire only to be disappointed and out of breathe. The Poke N' Stoke is also retractable and easy to store or stow in a backpack for the outdoors-man. It is perfect for starting and maintaining campfires as well as conventional fires in your fireplace. It is also perfect for tailgaters and those who love to grill using charcoal or smoke meats. It also comes with attachments for inflatable mattresses and rafts. The Poke N' Stoke makes starting and maintaining a fire fun and easy. It's a no-brainer and a must for all fire enthusiasts. Just put a wad of paper or dried leaves under dried, aged kindling and firewood and light. Place the tip of the Poke N' Stoke near the flame and let the steady flow of oxygen do its thing. You will have a blazing fire in no time at all and rekindling the fire is just as easy. Once you try the Poke N' Stoke, it will become a staple, not only for you but will make a perfect gift for friends or anyone who enjoy fires or tailgating. 8 AA batteries required.

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