Privy 501


PLEASE NOTE: Online orders for the Privy 500 are for Canadian customers only until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Separett Privy is a urine-separation kit that easily can be fitted in an existing outdoor toilet. Urine and solids are kept separate, latrine type odours disappear and the substantially reduced waste is easy to deal with. The urine is routed via a hose to a soak away or tank.

The Privy 501 comes with a standard toilet seat and lid attached to the separating kit. It is comfortable for year round use at places where the winters are mild. The materials are sturdy and easy to clean. Containers and bags for solids and paper are available as optional extras. Please note: The packaging for Privy has a template that can be used to easily fit the Privy into your outhouse.


The Privy 501 includes: Urine separating kit Toilet seat with lid Hose 2.5 m for urine waste.

How it works:

Thanks to urine separation you get a much more easy to handle waste. The urine, which stands for almost 80% of the waste is easily taken care of by leading it from the Privy 501 to an container or our ejector tank for easy disposal. The dry waste is collected in a container of your choosing and later disposed of in a compost or any other approved container for solid toilet waste.

How to use:

Sit down while using the Privy 501 and only dispose of ordinary toilet waste and paper in the container.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Use our Biodrain continuously to eliminate the risks of blocking the urine drainages. If needed, use a cloth and a mild detergent to clean the lid and the insert.

Longtime Storage:

Privy 501 can be used all year around and is not affected of normal heat or cold. If you leave the cottage for a longer period of time we recommend that you empty the solid waste container and the container for urine (depending on type of installation) and clean the seat and insert before leaving.

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