SEAFLO 12v Diaphragm Pump 3GPM 60PSI w/ 8L Pressure Tank

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A fully assembled pressure set that simplifies the installation of water pressure systems for both the professional and amateur installer. The set consists of a 5 chamber diaphragm pump, strainer and pre-pressurized accumulator tank with quick connect electrical connections on a rubber mounted board. Serves 3 or more 1/2" (13mm) outlets.

Tank Volume: 8L
Voltage: 12V
Control Type: Switch
Open Flow (GPM/LPM): 3.0 / 11.5
Pressure On (PSI/BAR): 40 / 2.8
Pressure Off (PSI/BAR): 60 / 4.2
Max Draw: 10 A
Ports: 1/2" Barb
Wire Connections: 2-Pin/Leads

Type: 5 Chamber positive displacement diaphragm pump, self priming, capable of being run dry
Control Type: Pressure switch
Max Recommended Temperature: 60° C(140° F
Priming Capabilities: 6 Feet (1.8 m) suction lift
Re-start Pressure: Shut-off Pressure 60 PSI :48 PSI ±5 PSI (±0.3 bar)
Inlet/Outlet Ports: 1/2" -14 MNPT

Leads: 14 AWG, 13" (33cm) long with 2-pin connector/leads
Duty Cycle: Continuous 
Max Amp Draw: 18.9 A
Fuse: 28.4 A

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