12v Pump Kit

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Solar Panel
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Water Pump

This Cabin Energy™ pre-wired pump kit is easy to install & designed to provide 12v power to our line of 12vDC diaphragm pumps which are used for camps, cabins, RV's, and boats to supply water for washing dishes, showers, and more. 

This kit includes:

  • 30 Watt Solar Panel with waterproof MC4 connections
  • Solar to Controller wire 10' pair with waterproof MC4 connections
  • 10 Amp PWM waterproof charge controller
  • Controller to Battery wire pair 5' with fuse

This kit comes pre-wired to the controller for your convenience: after you mount your solar panel, just click together the solar panel wires and connect to your battery - that's it! The wires are clearly marked (+) and (-) for connection to the battery of your choice. 

    Recommended battery: Deep Cycle, 80Ah to 130Ah max such as our Kedron 12v 130Ah Flooded Deep Cycle battery. (Shown in picture, but NOT included in the kit).

    Note: Batteries can be very expensive to ship, so usually these are sourced locally. However, if you'd like us to quote your system including a battery, just let us know!

    Upgrade options:

    • 100 watt panel: if you have limited sunlight available at your location, or are using your pump for more than 1 hour continuously per day. 
    • Z-mount bracket set (4) for mounting your 30w or 100w panel to a flat surface.
    • 16" Angle bracket set for mounting your panel at an angle to a variety of surfaces. This includes 2 x 16" angle brackets and 1 x L brackets.
    • Need a pump? Try our SEAFLO 12v Diaphragm pump with strainer included!

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