SunStar Solar / DC Chest Freezer 15CU ST-15CF *Scratch & Dent 2*

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SunStar 15CU Chest Freezer

Please Read Carefully: This SunStar 15CU Chest Freezer was damaged by the freight company during shipment to a customer. Please see attached pictures.

There are 2 areas of damage. If you are standing in front of the unit:

Area 1 is on the left bottom side where the compressor and electrical connections are made. The left panel it appears was struck by another pallet by a careless forklift operator. The dent runs along the entire bottom length, and the rectangular plastic grill is cracked on the bottom right side. However, there is no damage to the compressor or electrical components behind it. 

Area 2 is on the right side panel, close to the back. This side was pushed in and dented, with the dent running vertically from bottom to top. 

This freezer has been fully inspected and tested to ensure it's operating normally. The lid also opens and closes as it should. If you are looking at the freezer from the front, there's no damage apparent. Customers may be able to remove most of the denting on the side panels with the right tools. 

All scratch & dent sales are final and returns are not accepted.

If interested, please complete the 'Request Shipping Quote' form or call us at 1-844-603-4743. Please note this product has been repackaged so no additional pictures or information is available beyond what you see in this listing. 

You can view the original listing here: SunStar 15CU Chest Freezer 

The SunStar 15CU Solar/DC chest freezer is Made in the USA and built with energy efficiency in mind. Featuring an industry leading 4.6" thick polyurethane wall insulation and a double insulated lid gasket, the SunStar chest freezer is built to last & ideal for off-grid use.


  • Made in the USA
  • Amish Quality - Manufactured in Indiana
  • Automatic 12v or 24v operation (90 watt typical draw)
  • Multi-function thermostat: use it as 100% freezer, or 100% refrigerator
  • Built-in lid light
  • Operating lights for easy troubleshooting
  • 4.6" polyurethane wall insulation
  • Heavy duty castors pre-installed for easy movement

Download: SunStar 15CU Chest Freezer Manual

Download: SunStar 15CU Specification Sheet


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