SureCall Fusion4Home 3.0 Yagi/Panel In-Building Signal Booster Kit


The SureCall Fusion4Home 3.0 Yagi/Panel is an all major Canadian carrier cell phone signal booster designed for home and small office use. These boosters produce enhanced voice, text and 2G/3G/4G LTE data speeds where signal is weak due to distance from tower, topography or building materials. Fully configurable for all indoor environments, Fusion4Home signal boosters ensure enhanced call clarity in 2-4 rooms for simultaneous users.


• Boosts voice and 3G/4G/LTE data speeds for multiple users simultaneously
• Adjustable gain attenuation
• Automatic oscillation detection and protection
• Extends battery life of cellular devices
• No interference with cell tower
• Supports multiple users simultaneously
• Metal construction for long lasting durability
• Stealth technology incorporated – uplink becomes dormant when not in use, providing green, power saving operation
• Industry leading 3 year warranty
• Compliant with ISED (Formerly Industry Canada) 2018 regulations


Fusion4Home 3.0 Signal Booster, Outside Directional Yagi Antenna, Inside Directional Panel Antenna, 50’ RG6 Coax Cable & 20’ SC-240 Cable, Power Supply


Universal - Signal Enhancing Solutions

Manufacturer Model Name Fusion4Home 3.0
Frequency 700/850/1700/1900/2100 MHz
Power Requirements Input AC 110 V, 60 Hz / Output DC 5-15 V
Gain 72 dB
Max Output Power (Watts) 1 Watt EIRP
Connectors F-Female (outdoor) / N-Female (ondoor)

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