The Laundry Alternative Ninja Spin Dryer


Ninja 3200 RPM Portable Centrifugal Spin Dryer with High Tech Suspension System

  • No washer/dryer hookup required and no need to vent. Plugs into a regular 110V wall outlet. 
  • The only spin dryer with an active suspension system & balance rings.
  • Stable operation. Much less need to stop and rebalance loads. 
  • Compact size, only 13" x 13" x 24." 
  • Light weight, only 19.7 lbs. Unique ergonomic design makes it feel even lighter. 
  • Jumbo 22 lbs. capacity, largest capacity spin dryer on the market. 
  • Large 9" x 14" inner tub. 
  • Stainless steel drum made of high quality steel and a triple weld (simpler welds can fail over time).
  • Rapid 3200 spin speed. Fastest RPM spinner on the market with a load inside. 
  • Extremely durable, due in part to the superior suspension system which significantly reduces wear and tear.  
  • A full 16 times quieter than other spin dryers!
  • Much gentler on your clothes than conventional tumble dryers, due to no heat or tumbling. Your clothes will look better and last longer. 
  • Not just a "washing machine spin cycle" it removes much more water and detergent than a washing machine spin cycle. 
  • Extreme energy efficiency. Hundreds of times more efficient than conventional tumble dryers. 
  • Compact, quiet but powerful. Can easily spin dryer even a full load of sopping wet, heavy bath towels. You don't need to wring any water by hand first or run smaller loads. 

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