Unique 24" Signature Gas Range- Black

by Unique

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This Unique “Signature” range offers beautiful design, heavy duty cast-iron single surface cooktop and sealed burners! It has the features you expect in a top quality gas range, now beautifully developed for off-grid living. Unique’s 9 V ignition system ensures efficiency and safety, with no standing pilot lights wasting fuel. A robust cast-iron single cooking surface and fully sealed burners make cooking and cleanup almost effortless. Three different colours for your kitchen.

Operation: Set for propane (LPG) – natural gas (NG) orifices not included (sold separately)


  • Single surface cast iron grates (safer pot movement)
  • Italian “Sabaf” burners
  • Sealed burner cooktop (easier to clean)
  • 9V battery ignition system (no standing pilot wasting fuel on cooktop)
  • Modern design with stainless steel door handles
  • Oven window - only available on stainless mode


  • Total BTUs on cooktop – 34,200
  • Front left – 9,100
  • Front right – 11,000
  • Rear left – 5,000
  • Rear right – 9,100
  • Oven: 14,000 BTU LPG
  • Dimensions: Oven: 14” h x 19 w” x 19” d
  • Broiling area: 13” w x 13” d
  • Overall Height: 40.5”
  • Floor space: 24” w x 24” d
  • Weight: 142 lbs/65 kg
  • CSA Certified


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