Vosker V100 Cellular Camera

by Vosker
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Vosker V100 4G Outdoor Security Camera (Wireless) Weatherproof Protection

No Wi-Fi Required | Battery Operated | Invisible Night Vision IR Surveillance Camera | Free Data Plan Available

  • ADVANCED 4G - BASED SECURITY CAMERA – This wireless security camera system offers enhanced visual protection for country home, construction site or boat dock a priority to help deter potential thieves. Monitor anything, anywhere!
  • QUICK AND EASY SETUP – Our cordless surveillance camera is completely wireless and doesn’t require Wi-Fi connectivity. In fact, it uses a 4G smartphone connection, sets up in just 5 minutes, and includes a complementary one month free security plan.
  • AUTOMATIC MOTION DETECTION – Each high-definition security camera is designed with Vosker Sense AI Image Recognition which automatically captures movement and starts recording to protect your home or property in real time.
  • WEATHERPROOF FOR OUTDOOR USE – A waterproof casing makes our wireless security camera perfect for remote locations and hard-to-reach areas, including backyard patios and decks, or even securing off-road locations.
  • TWO-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY – We’re proud of the quality of our surveillance camera, which is why it’s backed by a 2-year limited warranty required parts or manufacturer’s defects. Contact us with any questions or concerns for quick support.

Make it easier to track movement, protect your property, or deter potential thieves with a waterproof security camera that can go almost anywhere.

It’s unfortunate but the world is more dangerous than ever before. More break-ins are happening during the day and more thieves are looking for weak spots in your home security at night. That’s why you need to protect yourself, your property, and your family with an advanced Vosker V100 Security System that puts you in control of your safety and security.

Vosker Motion Detection

These wireless security cameras can capture HD images using automatic motion-detecting technology and then connect to your smartphone via 4G connections; all without wires or Wi-Fi requirements. And with a built-in SD card slot and local video storage, you can capture it all in real time.


The small 3.8” x 5” x 3.2” size makes these pocket-sized camera perfect for hiding them almost anywhere, such as in a tree, edges of your country house outdoors, close to a boat dock, or even in your warehouse.

Product Details:

  • Wireless Security Camera (Outdoor and Indoor)
  • AI Image Recognition (Detection Range 100’)
  • 4G Smartphone Images Transmission (No Wi-Fi Required)
  • Local HD Video Storage with a Built-In SD Card Slot (SD card not included)
  • Time-Lapse Mode
  • 12V Power Jack or Battery Powered (8AA)
  • Compact and Portable (3.8” x 5.0” x 3.2”)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Protect your home, country house, or deter potential thieves with an all-purpose security camera designed with wireless support by choosing the Vosker V100 today.

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