WeBoost 3G-Flex Drive Kit

by WeBoost
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Need a signal booster that can travel with you? The 3G-Flex Drive signal booster kit can be used in the car, brought inside, or even carried around because it`s powered by USB, DC or AC adapters (all included). Boosts voice and 3G services for multiple phones/devices in a 3 foot radius.


• Boosts voice & data signals
• Works with all Canada’s major networks
• Designed for both vehicle and indoor use
• Multi-user
• All needed components included in kit
• Includes AC or DC 12v power option
• Works with all smartphones & mobile hotspots
• Simple installation
• FCC & Industry Canada Certified 


Booster, outside antenna, window mount bracket, vehicle dash mount kit and power supply




Universal - Signal Enhancing Solutions

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