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Cinderella Incineration Toilets

Watch season 6 winner of Alone, Jordan Jonas, as he installs a Cinderella Incineration Toilet at his off-grid cabin
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Cinderella Freedom is available now

Propane/LPG operated Off-Grid Incineration Toilet. Fully UL and NSF certified for installation in North America.
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Cinderella Comfort is available now

220-240v Operated Model. Fully UL and NSF certified for installation in North America.
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Waste is reduced to sterile ashes.

Shipped from Canada

Shipped from our Canadian warehouse.


Detailed support and troubleshooting service.

Best in Class

Unmatched performance and efficiency.

When Nature Calls...

The Cinderella answers to serve as the best waterless, odorless, hygienic, septic-free toilet available on the market.

Cinderella’s self contained incinerating toilets have been on the market for over 25 years and are renowned for their sustainable, eco-friendly design and performance, with no polluting emissions. The Cinderella also meets UL and NSF certifications for Canadian and USA installations.

Why Incinerate?

Why Incinerate?

  • Low maintenance. You won’t have to deal with pipes, leaks, or keep up with compost. After incineration only sterile ashes remain.

  • Save water. Most Canadian households flush nearly 30% of the water they consume each day.

  • Ideal for scenarios where traditional septic isn't feasible or possible.

  • Easy to use. Everything happens automatically and the LED panel reminds you when to dispose of the ashes.

  • Since Cinderella toilets don’t require a connection to water and sewage systems, they can be installed just about anywhere. 

Perfect for...

Perfect for...

  • Cabins
  • Tiny Homes
  • Cottages
  • Homesteads
  • Cold climates
  • Rocky terrains
  • Wherever digging isn't an option
  • RVs (Cinderella Travel Model Available Now)
  • A self-contained alternative to a costly septic-system

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Freedom (Gas Model)

Comfort (Electric Model)

Travel (Mobile/LPG Model)


I have had the Cinderella Freedom Incineration Toilet installed for a couple months and it’s been getting nonstop use since then!

It’s a great solution for off-grid homes or places that can’t install proper hauling out compost toilet waste ;)

I chose the Cinderella brand toilet as after my research it seemed to be the highest quality option…Which matters for a device like this.

- Jordan Jonas, Season 6 Winner of The HIstory Channel's, Alone

I purchased a Cinderella incinerating toilet recently. I was pretty terrified since it was so much money… I did my due diligence reading reviews, calling and talking to a person with Cabin Depot etc. Still I felt very apprehensive. However…. I could not be happier with my purchase! They sent me the manual while it was shipping so we could prepare, replied to my email questions almost immediately, and the potty arrived in perfect condition and with all of the bits I was promised! It is now installed and it is soooooo awesome. The potty is sleek and sturdy. It works exactly as described and we love it!!! If you are on the fence about going forward with a purchase from Cabin Depot, I say go for it!!!! Thank you Cabin Depot for offering these off the grid solutions. I intend to be a customer again. 😄😄😄

Kate L. via Google Reviews

I'm in looooove with this toilet. It's clean, sturdy, sleek and doesn't stink at ALL.

Leah V. via Review Form

Cinderella Review + Installation

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