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Cinderella® Comfort Add-Ons

Did you know?

Cinderella has created spare parts and add-ons to help boost the end user's experience in all different climates around North America. Please check out the information below!

Cinderella® Arctic Insulation Kit

The Arctic Insulation Kit was designed specifically for the Cinderella® Comfort model to reduce wear on the product and its interior by adding a layer of insulation inside the toilet shell. Cinderella® recommends adding its insulation kit for toilets that will be installed and used continually in cold climates. When ambient temperatures are very low, condensed water and ice can accumulate on the appliance. 


In addition to the insulation kit, Cinderella developed a Mechanical Air Intake Baffle that closes off the fresh air vent when the toilet is not running an incineration cycle; while the fan is running. This baffle can be installed into a Comfort model to help in any environment. It will prevent bugs and other critters from entering the intake hole, as well as keep hot or cold temperatures out! 
Note: the baffle can be installed with or without the insulation kit, but the insulation kit should be paired with the baffle.
The Cabin Depot™ offers these packages as add-ons and install in-house before shipment to ensure everything runs as it should. The insulation kit requires the inner module to be completely removed from the shell, which can be tricky for an inexperienced installer. 

If you are interested in having one or both of these products installed in your Cinderella® Comfort prior to shipment, please reach out to or add the items to your order!