LED Solar Garden Lights -Moose in Chair

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During the day, these energy-efficient solar powered animal accent lights utilize the sunlight to charge their internal batteries. After dark, they automatically turn on, emitting a soft attractive glow. Will continue to stay illuminated from 6-8 hours depending on charge from their built-in solar panels.

Hand painted poly resin design and waterproof construction for indoor or outdoor use. All Sitting in chair garden lights are approximately 6-inches to 7.5-inches tall. Operating Instructions Switch the ON/OFF tab to the ON position.

The unit's light/dark sensor will automatically turn the LEDs on when it is dark out.

Place the unit so that the solar panel is directly in the sun. Avoid setting under trees or in the shade. The unit's rechargeable batteries will charge fully each day.

Please note, charging is dependent on total sunlight throughout the day. On cloudy or shorter winter days the batteries may not fully charge, effecting the strength and duration of the lights.

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