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Our Mission

Our mission as Canada’s largest off-grid living solutions provider is to serve and support the DIY community and professional installers by offering quality products that are competitively priced via our retail franchise stores and national e-commerce website.

Our Story

As cabin owners, Gordon & Monica were renovating their remote off-grid property in rural New Brunswick. They aimed to balance the comfort and convenience of modern amenities with the peace and tranquility of the off-grid lifestyle. However, they were unable to source products designed for off-grid use locally. And when searching online, what little information they could find about potential solutions was often confusing and conflicting. It was through this experience that the idea for a one-stop-shop for all things off-grid related was born; The Cabin Depot™.

Drawing upon their business management experience, enjoyment of ‘quiet’ family time, and DIY mindset (and learning from many mistakes!), an online store was created in 2013, followed by the first retail outlet in 2016 dedicated to off-grid living solutions. The concept for the flagship store, located in Fredericton NB, was to operate entirely off-grid using the same products being offered to customers, a practice that is still in place today.

More than a decade later, The Cabin Depot has continued to service the off-grid community and experienced rapid growth with the first franchise location opening in Mt Pearl, NL in 2023 with many new stores to come…

Why choose The Cabin Depot?

We pride ourselves in authentic human interaction and support. We genuinely enjoy helping our customers. We invest in our team by providing current, hands-on product training which enables us to make recommendations specific to unique customer needs.

We are committed to delivering excellent customer service by offering the largest selection of high-quality products, while fostering strong relationships with our vendors, to provide a superior shopping experience.

We have introduced the first franchise system of its kind, with many new retail stores on the horizon that will bring the largest selection of off-grid living products to a city or town near you.

At The Cabin Depot, we are not just another retail store; we are partners in your off-grid evolution. Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine what it means to live, explore, and enjoy the off-grid lifestyle in Canada. Together, we will embrace innovation while creating a space where we can enjoy life and nature with family & friends.

How it started...

The Cabin

The Cabin

This is the cabin that started it all: Gordon and Monica's retreat in 1990 vs. today.

Humble beginnings

Humble beginnings

Our first retail storefront location, picture from 2016.

From the ground up

From the ground up

Located just across from the Fredericton Airport, our flagship store began as two small structures that were fully renovated into a showroom and office space.

Putting Off-Grid First

Putting Off-Grid First

On the left, you can see two of our solar tracker arrays. From the start, the goal for our store was to run it entirely on off-grid energy and have a working model that we can demonstrate to our customers. This also allows our store to stay open during power outages and serve our customers when they need us most.

Growth & Revamp

Growth & Revamp

Today, we have multiple interactive product displays, a sizable 15,000 square-foot retail store, office space and warehouse, and a growing team of 24 employees. We also proudly carry products from over 120 vendors.

New horizons

New horizons

In 2023, we expanded our presence by opening our second retail location in Newfoundland and Labrador. This independently owned and operated location was founded in partnership with Island Propane, a well-known propane service shop in Mt. Pearl. Read all about our grand opening in Newfoundland here.

This moment marked the start of The Cabin Depot franchise locations opening up all across Canada, making off-grid living more accessible to everyone. 

Coming to your province soon...

Want to join the growing off-grid movement? We have franchise opportunities across Canada.

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    Maybe you've had a solar salesperson come to your door and they've roped you into a 30 minute sales pitch about how solar power is going to save your life, your wallet, and your future great-grandchildren. Door-to-door solar salespeople will do everything under the sun to convince you that switching your grid-tied home to solar is the right choice. Unfortunately, a lot of the information they put out causes confusion for those of us who are looking to use solar for an off-grid cabin, cottage or camp, far from the power grid.

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  • The Cabin Depot has arrived in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland
    September 26, 2023 Quentin Palmer

    The Cabin Depot has arrived in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

    The Cabin Depot Newfoundland is the embodiment of practicality and self-sufficiency, catering to both seasoned off-grid enthusiasts and those beginning to explore the world of sustainable living. Serving off-grid appliances, solar, off-grid toilets, and much more. Located at 19 Sagona Ave, Mt. Pearl, this new store is now open, ready to support you on your journey towards a more self-reliant lifestyle. Call them at 1-709-364-4818 today or visit our web store exclusive to Newfoundland customers at
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