SRNE All-In-One Inverter/Charger 24V 3000W


SRNE HF2430U60-100

*Includes WIFI communications adapter - exclusive to The Cabin Depot™ !

The SRNE HF2430U60-100 is an ETL certified 24 volt all-in-one hybrid solar unit with an integrated LCD display screen. Incorporating a fully programmable 3000 watt pure sine inverter with 120vAC output, 40A battery charger, and 60A MPPT charge controller this 3 in 1 hybrid solution simplifies your off-grid solar installation saving you time and money!


  • Designed to work with 24vDC battery banks
  • Multifunction LCD display showing all AC & DC input/output parameters including LED indicators for operating status
  • Can be programmed to work with lead acid, AGM, LiFePO4, or other common battery storage systems
  • 120vAC output: 3000W pure sine inverter, 4500W surge rated
  • 60A MPPT charge controller capable of handling up to 1600W of PV input @ 100VDC
  • 2-wire autostart capable - will turn generators on/off automatically when programmed (compatible 2-wire autostart generator required)
  • Integrated transfer switch with AC pass-through: powers your building while charging the battery bank with a generator or other AC power source
  • Variable speed cooling fan
  • On/Off rocker switch for AC output control
  • RS485/CAN & USB connections with optional WiFi or Bluetooth data logger (sold separately unless otherwise stated)
  • Protections: PV over current, PV reverse current, PV reverse polarity, AC input over voltage, AC input under voltage, short circuit, overload, and over temperature

Programmable Charging Modes

  • Hybrid Charging (SNU - Default Setting): This mode is ideal for off-grid applications. The system will use solar PV to charge the battery bank when the sun is shining. If you start your generator, the generator will also charge the battery bank together with solar. At night or during periods of inclement weather, the generator can be started as needed & will charge the battery bank exclusively. 
  • Solar Priority (CSO): This mode is used in a grid-tie application and uses solar PV during the day to charge the battery bank & power AC loads, and grid power at night to maintain the battery bank. 
  • Grid Priority (CUB): This mode is used in a grid-tie application and uses grid power to keep the battery bank charged. If the grid power fails, the system reverts to solar PV battery charging. This would be similar to a UPS backup system. 
  • Solar Only (OSO): This mode uses solar PV charging only. Charging with a generator or grid power is deactivated.

Output Modes

  • Generator Priority (UTI - Default Setting): In an off-grid application, this mode will use the inverter power via the battery bank, and automatically switch to generator power to service AC loads when the generator is started. 
  • Solar Priority (SOL): this mode will switch the output AC power to grid or generator if the solar PV isn't sufficient. This mode is typically used in a grid-tied situation. 
  • inverter Priority (SBU): this mode uses the inverter as priority AC output power, and will only switch to grid power if the battery bank voltage drops below the minimum preset level. 


Product Certification for Canada - Sherpa Product Certification

*Please Note:

This unit will come preconfigured to use with off-grid power systems (solar + generator) by default. It will work "out of the box" when connected to your 24v battery bank and solar array, but customers will still need to program the unit to work with your specific battery bank (battery type, charge voltage, charge amperage, time setting, etc). 

The Cabin Depot™ specializes in off-grid solutions only. If you plan to use this unit for any other application, customers need to seek proper approvals from your electric utility, local regulatory agency, and/or installer to ensure the use of this device is accepted for your specific application. 


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